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  • Make sure that you have the appropriate permission before posting any copyrighted images.
  • Your username and blog address cannot be that of a trademark or email address.
  • The use of racial slurs, religious extremist views,  promotion of drugs of any nature is prohibited in this network and use of any of these will result in an immediate termination of your account, and permanent ban from this website.
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  • You may import your content from another blog provider eg blogger or tumblr using the tools provided. Blogs can also be exported out too. Every effort will be made to help you with your move in or out but Curly Blogs cannot be held responsible for missing content/difficulty arising from the transfer of your blog.
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  • You shall be responsible for paying any taxes that are due in your own country and it will be your responsibility to find out if any are due.
  • You will also be responsible for paying any financial obligations that you decide to get into (like voluntary advertising). Curly Blogs cannot be held responsible for debt accumulated from any blog.

These terms of service may be updated at any time but you will have a link on your blog's dashboard to view the terms at any time.